College Credit

Since 1986, Birdsong Sensei has been teaching Aikido for college credit at Austin Community College.  ACC classes are held at the Aikido of Austin dojo.  Birdsong Sensei also teaches yoga and martial arts conditioning through ACC, though the location of these classes may vary.

Registration for ACC classes is available through the ACC website and by phone at (512) 454-3774. If you are not already an ACC student, you will need to enroll before you may sign up for these courses. There are ACC fees that will be due upon course registration; ACC enrollment may incur additional costs. High school juniors and seniors are eligible to register for free! Contact ACC for more details.

Fall 2019 Schedule

16 WEEK SESSION: August 28 – December 17

CourseNameSYNTime & Location
KINE 1127-001Martial Arts Aikido I87976

TTH 1:25pm - 2:45pm (Aikido of Austin)

KINE 2113-005Martial Arts Aikido IITTH 1:25pm - 2:45pm (Aikido of Austin)
KINE 1128-003Martial Arts Conditioning87980

MW 3:00pm - 4:20pm (Riverside Campus)

KINE 1146-016Yoga88006

SAT 1:00pm - 3:50pm (Aikido of Austin)


12 WEEK SESSION: September 25 – December 17

CourseNameSYNTime & Location
KINE 2113-004Martial Arts Aikido II88024TTH 3:00pm - 4:45pm (Aikido of Austin)


* The Synonym Number (SYN) is the course number required to register.

"KINE is short for Kinesiology, and the numbers following it only identify the name of the class. The Syn Number is what the student must use to register for classes. You must enroll with ACC, and follow its rules and protocols before registering for the courses above. All of the above courses are held at the Aikido of Austin Dojo, except "Martial Arts Conditioning" which is held at the Riverside Campus. Spring registration is going on now. Take a class or two - it may change your life. It changed mine."

- Jo Birdsong Sensei,  instructor.

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Current Aikido of Austin students are also welcome to sign up for these courses, and may deduct the cost of the class from their regular monthly dues. (If possible, please prorate your ACC tuition deduction; talk to Nancy for more details.) Aikido of Austin students who cannot make it to the scheduled classes may substitute their regular class hours.